Courses and psychosocial assistance evaluation

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The University of Porto has been keeping busy with INTEGRA! At the moment, the evaluation of the pilot delivery of the ICT courses and pilot operations of the psychosocial support structures by the participants is being carried out. Two web forms have been created for this purpose, namely, a Courses Categories/Curricula Evaluation, and a Psychosocial Assistance Evaluation.

With regards to the Courses Evaluation form, the questions pertain to the lectures and the quality of course materials provided; how helpful the instructors are; how confident the person feels in the topics and the knowledge acquired; and, finally, the relevance of the course curricula for getting a job. Concerning the Psychosocial Assistance, the participants have the opportunity to express how they feel about the relevance and attention given to their particular case; the social integration; and their satisfaction with the assistance received.The number of answers received so far is quite satisfactory, with more than 50 answers in each questionnaire, for the RK University in India, and the Lahore University of Management Sciences in Pakistan.