Face-to-face awareness sessions and courses

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During February, the RK University has started to deliver face-to-face awareness sessions followed by course-wise module training to test-users in India. More specifically:

  • An awareness session was held with test-users to give them a complete overview of the courses, present and use the developed Moodle platform, the ticket system, as well as resources and information about trainers, module-wise.
  • FC 01 – ICT Fundamentals: Overview of the complete course and sessions were conducted by 2 trainers (Modules 1 and 2 are completed by Prof. Chhaya Patel and Module 3 by Prof. Ravindra Dangar) and supported participants by explaining core concepts and handholding of reading materials followed by supervised Quiz and assessment completion on Moodle to proceed further.

Trainers reported that the challenges they encountered during the pilot implementation sessions had to do with the extensive reading participants were faced with even after directed sessions by trainers.