Pilot implementation still in progress in India

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During last April, the RK University has completed the following piloting activities:

  • FC 02 – Language: One instructor gave a general review of the entire course and session. Participants were assisted in outlining key ideas and navigating through reading materials. Participants also practiced language speaking with other students, followed by resources completion on Moodle to proceed further.
  • FC 03: Module 1 completed by Prof. Ravindra Dangar, Module 2 and 3 by Prof. Snehal Sathwara and Module 4 by Prof. Nirav Bhatt.
  • CIC03– Module 1 completed by Prof. Snehal Sathwara, Module 2 and 4 by Prof. Alpa Makvana, Module 3 by Prof. Bhoomi Dangar and finally Module 5 and 6 by Prof. Nirav Bhatt.
  • The participants developed PowerPoint presentations based on what they learnt and presented them to their peers, allowing for an exchange of views and understanding, which helped them to build confidence.